Public Relations

For some clients, particularly high profile individuals and those operating in the educational, ecclesiastical or transport sectors, PR is an essential consideration.  At Hägen Wolf we recognise that for some clients, litigation or the threat of litigation, may attract attention in the local or national media and that, given the accessibility of social media, the parties involved in dispute can sometimes be tempted to create their own media narrative to try to influence public opinion and to try to leverage negotiations in their favour.

We are sensitive to the PR implications of the steps that we take on behalf of clients and can work closely with your PR agents, or our own PR agents, Campfire PR, to execute a bespoke strategy to minimise adverse effects and to control the narrative, without compromising your legal position.

Crisis Management

When you see or hear something derisory or untrue about you or your business in the media it can be deeply upsetting and worrying. The effects can spiral very quickly and could mark the beginning of a concerted campaign, with third parties eager to jump on the bandwagon.  Most of the time though, such publications acquire little traction and it is important to resist the temptation to impulsively respond as this could make matter worse and add fuel to the narrative.  Instead you should take immediate advise from your usual PR advisor or, if you prefer, we can put you in touch with Campfire PR.  If the publication relates to a dispute that we are dealing with on your behalf we need to be kept in the loop.  Specialist media lawyers can also be engaged if required, but decisions need to be made holistically as an advisory team.

Press Releases

As part of an overall media strategy, or in response to media crisis, it might be appropriate to make a timely, targeted and carefully worded press release.  We can work with you and either your usual PR agency or Campfire PR to ensure that this impacts positively on any case we are dealing with and to avoid being held in contempt of court.

Media Relations

Sometimes written press releases will not be appropriate, or even an option.  Journalists may approach you or us at the doors of the court, on the street, at your home or at place of work.  Working closely with Campfire PR or your usual PR agency, we can decide who is going to ‘take the microphone”, on what media, what they are going to say (and, not say), if anything, and whether to take and how to deal with any questions.  Until you have taken such advice, if approached by journalists or social media campaigners, you should simply ignore them.