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Our doors are always open to talented people with a genuine passion for delivering outstanding client service and the will to master their chosen field of expertise – property litigation. Our business is built on a diverse and amazing group of lawyers, professionals, clients, referrers, partners and referrers.  Attracting, retaining and nurturing great people and great relationships is our number one priority.

A business is only as good as its people. That is why we will consider applications from credible candidates at any time and if you make the grade we will make space for you.  Be warned though – we are very selective.

Why join Hägen Wolf?

  Hägen Wolf is a truly unique project.  Here is why:

  • We are the only firm with offices outside London specialising exclusively in property litigation
  • We are paperless (the planet has enough problems of its own without us contributing)
  • Our disruptive branding and approach to marketing is like no other law firm
  • Our fully cloud-based IT systems enable you to work from home, on the hop or overseas any time of day or night
  • We don’t waste money on secretaries to type for us (or other archaic practices)
  • As a result, we can pay all our people generously
  • And, we can pay for beautiful workspaces and beautiful IT
  • We harvest feedback from all clients, including Net Promoter Scores to objectively measure client satisfaction and benchmark this against brands such as Apple, John Lewis and Tesla (as well as one or two law firms)
  • We have an extraordinary and unique bonus scheme that applies equally to all our lawyers, from paralegals to partners, linked objectively to client satisfaction.  The bonus is meaningful, achievable and we want you to get it.
  • We cater for self-employed consultants
  • We cater for part time and flexible working
  • Everyone gets 6 weeks holiday. Plus bank holidays. Yes, everyone.

Our Values

  • Treat clients, suppliers, referrers as you would want to be treated
  • Let integrity police your decisions
  • Master your subject
  • Endless drive for efficiency and simplicity
  • Fight your client’s corner with passion and determination
  • Clear communication
  • Don’t sit on the fence
  • Cashflow not turnover
  • ‘Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work’ (Albert Einstein)
  • Step into the client’s shoes
  • Have fun
  • Give back

What is it like working at Hägen Wolf?

We are a genuinely nice bunch of people occupying beautiful spaces, working smart and using progressive and cutting edge systems and technology.  Our culture is informal.  You can be yourself.  If you are seeing a client or you are in court, wear business attire.  Otherwise, wear whatever you feel comfortable in.   No need to cover up any tattoos.  Wear a hat if you like!  We work hard, but we have fun as well and we believe in ‘giving back’.  People perform best when they are happy and feel part of something.

Despite not being a ‘big firm’, we deal with a fascinating and diverse range of work across a wide spectrum of sectors and for clients ranging from individuals to multi-national corporates.  No other firm offers this eclectic mix. It is also about the furthest you can get from a litigation factory or corporate law.  You need however have no concerns as to the ‘quality of work’ that we undertake.

Your long-term prospects?  If you deliver, they are excellent.  You will have a transparent career path with eligibility for partnership once you have 10 years post-qualification experience under your belt, a bespoke training plan, regular performance reviews and monthly mentoring from our managing partner.  We will map your career out with you and help you get there.  We will invest in you. You are the future after all…

But don’t take our word for it:

Philip Copley

Solicitor who joined Hägen Wolf in January 2020

What we are looking for?

There is no typical Hägen Wolf person.  We are not clones.  We are a collection of individuals working together, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and qualities.   The best teams are made this way.  So, sorry we can’t answer that question.  You will either fit, or you won’t.  However, you will need to share our values, be intelligent, be able and willing to work hard and smart and be committed to both mastery of this area of legal practice and to delivering an outstanding service.

How to apply

If you like what you see and think you might make the grade, send your CV to