Disputes concerning residential property can be highly charged. There is often much at stake. The property will be someone’s home and the owner may have a made a significant financial investment, perhaps the biggest of their life. The occupant will be emotionally attached to the property and will instinctively wish to protect what they perceive as their territory. It is perhaps no surprise that disputes concerning residential property can become bitter and entrenched. Taking specialist professional advice can defuse the situation and lead to a pragmatic solution. The effective resolution of residential property disputes often requires emotional intelligence, patience and ‘outside the box’ thinking.

Hägen Wolf has extensive experience in all types of residential property disputes and acts for private landlords, letting agents, investors, tenants, homeowners, lenders and developers across the UK. We also work with a number of trusts, charities and religious organisations who own residential property. A significant proportion of our work relates to high value properties in central London.  Many of our investor clients are based outside the UK and include entrepreneurs, lawyers, board directors of large companies and offshore trusts.

We advise clients on a comprehensive range of contentious residential property issues including tenant repossession claims, arrears recovery, neighbour disputes, mortgage repossessions, issues arising from nearby developments, the release of restrictive covenants, co-ownership and adverse possession.

Get in touch if:

  • Your tenant is in arrears
  • Someone is in your property who is not the tenant
  • The property you are renting is in disrepair
  • Someone is building next door to you
  • A restrictive covenant is preventing you from building something
  • Your property is being repossessed
  • Your conveyancer failed to advise you of something important
  • You have recently bought a property and have found Japanese Knotweed in the garden
  • You are concerned about the radical changes to the law relating to buy-to-let properties that the government is bringing in shortly