The education sector is major land owner in the UK. Oxford and Cambridge Universities alone are estimated to own around 126,000 acres of land including a Scottish castle, the O2 arena and a betting shop in Brent, north west London.  Even a small village school will own the school building and playground and most colleges and universities will own campus buildings as well as student and staff accommodation.  This means that, like any other property owner, they will need to deal with contentious issues from time to time, whether that is a dispute with a neighbouring land owner or a dismissed caretaker who refuses to move out.  We step in at short notice to advise schools, colleges, academies and other educational institutions when those issues arise, frequently working closely with the client’s usual lawyers and/or advisors.

We regularly advise on the termination of service occupancy agreements, (e.g. caretakers), issues with nursery tenants and issues with neighbouring land owners, relating to boundaries or nuisance. We handle these matters with great sensitivity and are able to engage experienced PR professionals at short notice if required.

In recent years our lawyers have also advised a private college on the remediation of a defective air conditioning system, as well a broad range of landlord and tenant law issues relating to occupiers of student accommodation, student unions and commercial properties.

Get in touch if:

  • You have an on-site nursery run by a separate provider that is not trading safely or is otherwise in breach of its occupancy agreement.
  • You have recently dismissed a caretaker living on school property but they are refusing to move out.
  • A business or student tenant is in arrears
  • You have recently completed a building project but the work is not up to scratch.
  • A neighbouring land owner has complained about noise nuisance or an unsafe boundary wall